Coronavirus - In our work place

Woman with a Face Mask
Box of Tissue
Hand Hygiene

The below actions will be carried out by all members of staff and there may be some rules we ask you as the customer to adhere to. 

  • Social distancing will be carried out at all times were possible, this will mean limiting how many customers and staff will be on site at one time, Where social distancing cannot be done we will replace it with shielding, staff will wear masks or visors, gloves will be used in the correct manor when necessary for infection control, staff will also use face shields and larger plastic shields upon the nail desks. With certain treatments that require close proximity, customers will be asked to wear a face mask,  we will continue to clean the relevant surfaces and equipment after each use.

  • Hand sanitizers will be available on the walls as you walk into the salon, these will also be available throughout the salon in different rooms and the bathroom along with hand washing facilities available at all times. Staff will wash their hands in-between each client and wear gloves were necessary.

  • Any members of staff who feels unwell at any time will not come into work. Any sign of symptoms must be taken seriously and we will self isolate for the appropriate time, staff may also feel the need to contact clients if they have been in contact with us in the days leading up to the staff member feeling unwell. 

  • Surfaces and objects that are regularly touched will be frequently cleaned throughout the day with the appropriate cleaning solutions 

  • We have always strived to follow the principles and practises of infection control within the salon - Cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and sterilization. We have always used the correct methods of cleaning our tools following the correct procedures using solutions such as barbicide and Isopropyl Alcohol. We also have a professional cleaner who deep cleans the salon weekly. Our cleaning standards have always been something we take pride in and will continue to do so during this pandemic.  

  • Tissues will be placed around the salon for staff and customers to be encouraged to use should you feel the need to cough or sneeze and there will be bins around for the tissues to be correctly disposed off, then facilities to wash your hands immediately, All of our waste will be disposed of in the correct manor. 

  • Government posters and leaflets will be correctly displayed to remind everyone of the rules, symptoms and measures needed to prevent the spread of the virus. 

  • Hot drinks and refreshments will now be in take out cups for easy disposal 

  • Correct PPE will be worn at all times. Towels, gowns etc; will be washed after every use and only ever used one per person. Bed roll etc; will be replaced after every customer like we normally practice anyway. 

This document will be amended in accordance with the government updates, we will continue to follow updated rules and regulations. I want to make all our customers old and new to feel safe during this pandemic and to know that we as indviduals and a business are doing all we can to keep you and us safe. Thank you always for your continued support. 

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