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Face & Figure beauty clinic is a haven of specialist beauty treatments.


Beauty is always evolving and we know how important it is to keep on trend to take care of all your beauty needs.

Our highly experienced and qualified team of therapists are on hand to tend to all your beauty essentials from

head to toe.

Your experience and satisfaction

are our priority and making sure you look and feel your best is our what we love the most.

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If you want to be a million-hair, see Clair!
Experienced and highly professional beauty technician, Clair has so far performed 3 mezzo-therapy (micro-needling) treatments to my scalp using top of the range, modern equipment.
The results are OUTSTANDING after just 3 weeks. I wish I'd known how good it was sooner, instead of waisting my time and money with other treatments.
have wasted a lot of money over the years trying to combat thinning hair, with various hair skin and nails tablets and I even purchased an at home type lazer, but the only way to achieve a definite result is to invest in a professional, such as Clair. Clair manovered her pen-like device over the whole of my scalp, concentrating on weaker, thinner spots. The intensity (where the needle length was deeper whilst being saturated with the specialist medical serum), was comfortable to bear.

Clair is fully sympathetic to my needs, concentrating on my areas of concern.
I have also had an injection, a hyaluronic acid to my under- eye area with perfect results.
Clair has treated my face to fractional lazer skin resurfacing using her state of the art machine. As she explained to me, Heat transference is deeply localised to target the lower dermis (skin) as though a burn has occurred. With minimal down-time, the face and neck is regenerated and a new, healthier looking skin is produced. I'm THRILLED with the results! Tightened and much cleaner skin is produced, and I don't look as tired.
My toes also suffer with a fungal infection, which is being combated by Clair, as she has targeted her lazer to 'smack' the thick toenail growth, and this is treated on the external as well as internal part of each nail. I have had 3 courses of strong medication over the years, from my doctor, but nothing has had results like this. I'm looking forward to wearing sandals this summer! (the little things do matter 

- Michelle Moore

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